Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Not religious about this diet but

I still limit my sugar intake, still have good fat as main component of my diet, along with veggies or fermented pickles or both. Still very little rice, occasional wheat products (bread or dessert). It's hard to resist the wheat and sugar especially when I see my sons rejoice whenever I announce that I am baking something. Even if I try to explain to them the health benefits of eliminating these in our diet, something about baked goods -- even just the thought of them -- brings euphoria.  Can you see how sugar and wheat can be so addicting?

Anyway, my weight today was 125.6 lbs (has been yo-yoing in the 125-126 in the past few days despite my high sugar intake) and blood sugar was 90.0 despite only an 8-hr fast (I last ate some fatty bone meats/ligaments). Today I even plan on making apple pie (freshly picked apples from yesterday afternoon!).

But I figure it's best to start my mornings with high-fat no-carb meals. then I go through the day feeling less hungry. Having sweets after oily meals is a habit that's hard to break. But when I do, I try to minimize.

I notice that now if I have major wheat and/or sugar intake, I get: diarrhea, worsening of eczema, appearance of some pimple-like rashes on my thighs, joint aches, and WEIGHT GAIN of up to a pound in a day, mostly on my belly.

I have added into my nutrition repertoire beef marrow broth (and the marrow that comes with it). Packed with easily absorbable vitamins (remember the fat-soluble vits A, D, E and K) and minerals leached from the bones/marrow as they were slow cooked for 24-48 hours.

My body is happy.