Wednesday, July 25, 2012

3-day Weight and Food Log

My weight on 7/22 was 126.6 lbs. On 7/23, it was 126.6 even if I had kefir milk and avocado the past day, which had carbs.  So with the amounts I consumed that day, my weight remained steady. If I were to lose weight, I should limit them further.

Foodlog for 7/23 ~
BF:  2 eggs sunny side up + liempo (about 2 oz was all I could eat)
Lunch: Paksiw na tulingan (1 whole) + tomatoes with chives and my patismansiluya + lettuce with yogurt salad dressing
Supper: I cheated here -- It was Cecilia's daughter's 16th birthday and I came to help and also to join the celebration. I munched on a LOT of watermelon and some cantaloupe (sugary), ate 1/4 cup rice (carb), 1/2c pancit (carb), beef with broccoli (flour in sauce), ice cream and cake! I expected a weight gain.

I tried to use up the readily available calories by dancing zumba for about 30 minutes.

Weight on 7/24: 128.8 lbs. I gained 2.2 lbs! Bad....

Foodlog for 7/24:
BF:  dinuguan (1 bowl) and liempo (about 2 oz), chocolate mint tea (chocolate mint came from my garden; it is a variety of mint and has no chocolate)
Lunch: I had a date with Maricor at Starbucks, so I had to get cafe latte with less than 1 packet of sugar (one thing for sure, my taste buds are now more sensitive to that sweet taste).
At about 2pm when I got home, I went to the grocery store and munched on 1 mozarella stick (skimmed milk so low carb), then from the grocery store to home (15 minutes) followed that with late lunch of liempo and lettuce salad with yogurt dressing.
I had to head to Farmington to do a cooking demo to a group of students interested in Asian cuisine. I cooked chicken breast adobo and ginataang fiddleheads. I ate with them so that was my part 1 supper (bitin eh).
Supper part 1: 2 oz chicken breast + 1 cup ginataang fiddleheads. i did have 16 oz lemonade (sugared)
Supper part 2: I ate tinolang manok (3 pieces wings, lots of veggies and about 2 cups broth). Busog.

Weight on 7/25: 127.2 lbs. Despite all that I ate the past day, just by restricting carb/sugar source, I lost 1.6 lbs. I did not even exercise yesterday.

BF: Beef (oxtail) in broth with shredded cabbage (parang beef mami) + 3 sips of milk kefir (still afraid the carb content will make me add weight again).
Lunch:  Tortang talong! (I got two eggplants from my garden today, first harvest!) - made this with 4 eggs and topped with some roast beef deli slices (about 3 oz) just so I could use up what hubby had not consumed after having it for lunch times two days. I could not believe I finished the whole thing. I had 1 fish (leftover paksiw na tulingan which I deep-fried in bacon fat). While I am not supposed to consume processed foods due to their propensity to have sugars, I figured, limiting their amount should be offset by my heavy intake of fat.  We will see tomorrow what my weight will be.
Supper: We ate at Friendly's due to husband feeling the need to eat foods he craves. (I feel guilty!). Had 3 small mozarella sticks (covered with flour); a good serving of salad -- I had Mandarin Chicken Salad with  Sweet Sesame Ginger dressing. .The mandarin oranges, some fried noodles, and the dressing were sweet, so I consumed only half of the dressing, removed most of the noodles. However, I also had a cup of hot brewed coffee to which I added 1 packet of white sugar...oh well...I hope my sugar intake was low enough.
Now as I am typing I am having a cup of herbal tea.

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