Sunday, July 8, 2012

P2 D2

Rule of Phase 2: Continue to fight Candida.  Some carbs allowed but no processed sugar,  no caffeeine, wholemeal breads are okay, milk is okay, no vinegar (like in my pickles). Can still have unlimited good fat (animal fat, olive oil, butter, coconut oil, palm oil), meat, lots of veggies.  Can have carbs like potatoes and rice as long as they are consumed without fat (only protein sources like skimmed milk, egg whites, but not meat since most meats have fats).

Goal of Phase 1: keep on fighting Candida and still lose weight

Expected Results: Gradual weight loss

Unavoidable Results: Weight Loss

Starting Weight: 131.0        Weight today: 129.8 lbs

Weight Lost: 0 lbs  Weight Gained: 0.8      Net Loss: 1.2 lbs     Net Gain: 0

I woke up at around 1, got up at 2pm...will go on duty again tonight, so my schedule is again borked...

Homemade Yogurt with strawberries and coconut crystals (now phase 2 does not allow processed sugars or any processed foods, but I juse can't tolerate yogurt at this point even with strawberries. I just had to add something sweet. Coconut crystals have low glycemic index and I got the raw one, almost like maple syrup. I made sure I used only 1 tbsp for the whole bowl (I used total of 2). I hope the insulin effect is not as bad. As for feeding th Candida with sugar, I figure the yogurt would counteract this.)

Lunch: (I actually cooked this for supper  to eat with my family.)
Salmon loaf ( a no-no, since it contains saltine crackers)
Rice-A-Roni Long Grain and Wild Rice (not advisable to eat "fat meal" with carbs, and fish (the salmon) is considered a fat meal).

I made sure I eat just a little to enjoy this meal with my family. Oh darn, I should have served raw spinach with these! I forgot, as I was getting ready to go to work.

Snack (at work):
1 cup raw milk

Should have waited until that is fully absorbed/digested before I had my supper....

A big bowl of salad greens (lettuce, some shredded carrots, sliced cukes, tomatoes, green peppers, vidalia onions) with 2 serving pieces of chicken breast.
My dressing: Patis-mansi infused with ginger root, to which I added lemon juice. I also sprinkled some chicken oil (instead of olive oil) to the meat.

Midnight Snack:
A bowl of strawberries with yogurt (I had to sprinkle salt to offset the tartness because I forgot to bring my coconut crystals).

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