Saturday, July 14, 2012

Another cheating day...when will I truly come back to Phase 1?

Rule of Phase 1: No carbs, no sugar,  no caffeeine, no breads, no milk, no vinegar (like in my pickles). Can only have unlimited good fat (animal fat, olive oil, butter, coconut oil, palm oil), meat, lots of veggies except mushroom and potatoes).  Can have brown rice 50 g per day with or without fat meal.

Goal of Phase 1: Candida die-off

Expected Results: Withdrawal symptoms, major cravings

Unavoidable Results: Weight Loss

Starting Weight: 131.0        Weight today: 129.0 lbs     Weight yesterday:  128.6

Weight Lost: 0 lbs  Weight Gained: 0 .4 lb     Net Loss: 2 lbs     Net Gain: 0

ang labo...para konti lang na carb nakain ko, nag-seesaw na naman ako

Ang hirap pala mag-diet pag summer. Sa init ng panahon, kelangan ko rin ng drinks...milkshakes shared with my winter na lang kaya ako mag-diet??? Oh well, I will just try to minimize my carb intake.

2-egg omelet with caramelized onions and bacon bits (I used the bacon fat to fry the omelet in)
tomato salad with chives and patismansiluya

Too full to eat lunch, but I made strawberry shake for my sons, and since it was a hot day to be working out in the  garden, I could not help but have some (cheating again! How will I lose weight when I do this all the time???)). I had 1/3 c of the strawberry milkshake.

A late one. Leftover salmon loaf which I broke into pieces (about 1 oz), 1 whole hard-boiled egg, and salad greens with my patismansiluya dressing.

Could not help it. Our family ate at a restaurant before watching Spiderman. So, I had broiled salmon with lemon dill sauce (seemed like there was some thickener and/or sugar it it) and 1/3 cup of rice pilaf (not brown rice but at least I ate very little of it).  Non-THD compatible was the two slices of whole wheat bread I had (yummy!) slathered with butter. I did manage to avoid sodas, as I ordered lemonade, which was made sweet, unfortunately. But the best part? I did not feel bloated even after finishing the whole salmon on my plate. Oh, and I did have about 3 pcs of battered deep-fried shrimps I stole from my husband's plate. 

Hey, it's a weekend. This blog is turning to be a foodlog for me, not necessarily a THD journey.

But, I always have in the back of my mind the rules of the THD, and that's what keeps me from indulging too much from the no-no's.

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