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My first Phase 1 Experience up to the Cheating on Phase 2

Below is an account of my whole experience since I started THD. Let us just say that, when I was just contemplating on taking the full plunge, I gradually limited my coffee and sugar intake. I weighed about 138++ pounds at the time. (I am 5 ft 2.5 in tall.) So, two days before I started phase 1, I only had 1 cup of coffee and 1 12-oz soda and some carbs, along with my usual food, but I was still eating basically one major meal a day. The day before, I had no coffee, but towards the end of the day I was having a headache, so I had a can of soda, and since I baked bread that day, I had a small slice. 

The next day, I started my Phase 1. Weight was around 135++ (it seems that I lost weight somehow in those two days just limiting my coffee and sugar intake). This was the first day in years that I ate three full meals a day.


Phase 1 Day 1 (5 days of no sugar, no caffeine, no breads, no milk) 

Brunch: a small bowl (1 cup) of Ginataang Fiddleheads with pork belly slices

snack of burong mangga and (a no-no) apple! Ooops! I should not have had the apple.

Then we had supper of rotisserie chicken and I could not help but make honey buttermilk whole wheat bread...I just had to have a small piece (I would have wanted more)...

I guess I have to start my day 1 again...
Day 1 - 6/22/2012 (take two!)

Brunch of scrambled eggs with chicken meat.

(Got a headache again today, probably due to lack of caffeine).

Ate supper at Hibachi restaurant -- had filet mignon, a spoonful of rice, lots of stir-fried veggies consisting of zucchini, bean sprouts, carrots, brocolli. (should have been brown rice, but they only have white rice, which was another no-no in Harcombe diet, but I thought maybe that amount was forgivable. The point is, starve the Candida to death.)
Snacking on roasted peanuts (maning kalbo).

Water only for drinking.

Gotta get some groceries tomorrow for more veggies.

Update: I got severe upset tummy by night. Lancinating type, like hyperacidity, constant gnawing pain on the epigastric area.  I tried to eat peanuts with relief. I tried to sleep it off...had to get up at 330 am to try taking Pepto-bismol (trying to avoid Tums because it has sugar). No relief. I got up at 430 and just had to try Tums. Finally was able to sleep.

Day 2. Because my tummy is still slightly upset (I am beginning to suspect that it is more because of constipation and/or gas) so I for brunch only had chicken broth with very little chicken meat and some beaten egg to assure me that I would not get hypoglycemic and faint. Lots of water.

(I took senna 2 tabs and colace to see if it will help me move my bowels and maybe relieve me of my upset tummy completely).

Then for supper I had beef broth with some sitao (probably 1/4 cup) and about 1/4 oz meat just to get something into my tummy. Broth sooths me, but my tummy is still upset. I feel bloated. I tried a fork amt (about 1/2 tbsp) of chicken breast cooked with rice pilaf and brocolli with minimal cheese (just to taste, really, since that was what I served to hubby and the boys). Had chamomile tea before bedtime.


Day 3.  Feeling much better. No more upset tummy. Weighed 3 pounds less than baseline. (17 more to lose) Had a good BM in am too! (Gross you out?).

BF: Had chicken "mami" soup with noodles replaced with finely shredded cabbage.

Lunch was kare-kare had about 4 oz of beef (pang bulalo cut) with lots of pechay and sitao, had only a tbsp of white rice (cheating!) and shrimp paste. Busog! Shared that with Tess (she ate tons of white rice! Inggit ako, but the craving really was no longer there.) I just had to pinch off some brownies my son made (as in pinched twice, let that site in my mouth not even to reach the tummy just for the taste of it, for some sugar to be directly absorbed into my bloodstream through the mouth's mucosa).  Drink only 2-3 small sips of water to rinse the taste from my mouth, but not enough to dilute the gastric juices. After about 3 hours, drink more water. Had 1 strip of burong mangga, and salted pistachio nuts for mini snack.

Supper: Ate at Chinese Resto (per son's request) and focused on fish/seafood, chicken, brocolli/beef, green beans. No noodles nor rice.  Had oolong tea instead of soda.  (I tried to shake off the starchy sauces and the topping off baked mussels, thinking maybe it had cheese, but it tasted like it was mainly mayo and some sugar). Couldn't help the sugar/carb this time, but at least they are almost insignificant. Then chamomile tea and pistachio nuts for midnight snack.


Day 4 - Oooops...I just realized, nuts are not allowed on weight-loss phases (1 & 2). I had lots of peanuts and nuts yesterday due to kare-kare and snacking :(  Have to extend my phase 1 then, as my weight is stuck at my yesterday's weight.

Side note: I slept at 2am (my usual bedtime) but woke up at 4 am and could NOT get back to sleep. Nothing wrong, but I felt hot...kept taking the sheet off then putting it back on me.  I decided to get up at 530am, prepped my brekkie.

BF: Chicken "mami"  - leftover chicken rotisserie meat in chicken stock (made by slow cooking the carcass with lots of herbs and some sea salt), finely shredded cabbage (blanched in soup), poached egg, green onion, and dash of ground basil, seasoned with patis.

2 hrs later: Instead of drinking water, I drank an herbal tea (caffeine-free) that was meant to help sleep.

Cooked lunch...sausages and eggs for hubby. I only ate eggs, followed by chicken meat on a bed of Romaine lettuce, no dressing (bleh!).

Had a nap for about 1 hr.

Helped pour cement for the cellar while rain was pouring :(

Cooked supper. I had to make supper for myself separately for my younger son and hubby.

I had Zucchini Spaghetti for supper. It had 1 cup of chicken meat in 1 cup of tomato sauce cooked like spaghetti sauce with spices and herbs (garlic, onions, ground parsley, basil, savory, and oregano) plus S&P. My younger son tried 1/3 of it, and actually liked it.

Had a cup of "sleepy time" tea.

Still had insomnia. I tried to sleep earlier than hubby's time. When he came to bed, I was awake and could not go back to sleep. Had to take 25 mg benadryl to induce sleep at 3am! Now alarm clock woke me up at 6 to get ready for an appointment. :(


But I weighed 4 lbs less this am! :)

Day 5: Excited to see the scale came down another notch (I lost more than 1 pound from yesterday, really, without getting hungry and without depriving myself of food).  I still wonder about my recent insomnia -- could it be the higher levels of energy (reported by many), or my excitement (I kept feeling the decrease in my belly fat while lying in bed, and kept planning what to eat the next day, as my Phase one is nearing completion. I plan to extend another three days, as if restarting from D4, day after I ate kare-kare.)  I do sometimes feel the need to have something sweet right after eating a meal, but it's easy enough to resist. I just wash off the taste in my mouth with a little bit of water, then wait about 30 minutes before I gulp a glass of water, and keep on sipping water in between  meals (or have a cup of no-caffeine herbal tea).

BF: I fried last night the remaining half of yellow onion (leftover from when I prepped my spaghetti sauce) since i don't like storing uncooked onion in the fridge (it stinks up the whole fridge).  I used pork lard (I rendered from our homegrown pigs) to stir fry it until it caramelized. Then this morning, I beat 2 eggs, added a dash of basil, and S&P to taste, then cooked that in the same pan with the caramelized onion as filling. Sarap!

Lunch: Ginisang pechay - I had 1 quart of beef broth with 12 cups of meat (and ligaments and fat) that I slow cooked (some I used for kare-kare eaten on D3).  I sauteed the usual trinity: 3 garlic cloves, half yellow onion, and 3 tomatoes in 3 tbsp pork lard, seasoned with patis, added the meat+broth, then about 1-1/2 cup of pechay stems. Cooked for about 3 minutes then added the ~1 cup leaves. Cook for 1 minute, turned off heat and let cook some more until leaves were wilted.

I had two bowls of that. Sobrang busog.

Supper: Pork chop with caramelized onions, served with mung bean sprouts (I started my sprouts 3 days ago). Sprinkle seasalt on the pork chops to taste. Let them sit while cooking the onions.
Caramelize 1-1/2 yellow onions on medium heat with about 4 tbsp of pork lard. I removed them from the iron cast saucepan to start cooking the chops. (The amount of onions depend on how much you want to eat. My son and I ate all of them. Hubby does not eat cooked onions.)
Turn heat to medium high, place the chops and- cook each side until browned. You may sprinkle some peppers too. turn heat to medium low, lightly flavor with soy sauce and let sizzle, then add about 1/4 cup water. Let cook some more. If your chops are too thick that they are not fully cooked yet by the time water evaporates completely, add another 1/4 cup. Place the onions on top also to reheat them while the water is steaming.
(I served this with potatoes and my canned green beans for hubby and son.)
I placed about 1/2 cup (not compressed) of sprouts on my plate, then a pork chop, then the caramelized onions. Hmmmm...sprouts being bland really took the place of rice. I can get used to this no-rice meals!

(Hubby loved the pork chop's flavor and did not even detect the soy sauce.)

Water for drinks.

I feel so full, yet I don't feel bloated! No need to unbutton my pants.


Day 6 - Woke up this am (after a good 4-hr sleep then just tossed and turned...excited for the day). While still naked, I weighed myself again, hoping I had lost another pound to reach my goal of 5 lb wt loss in this phase 1. But the scale showed differently...I lost 3 lbs!!! I excitedly went to my closet and picked up a pair of pants that only a week ago I could not wear because they would not get past my they can!!! So in total since Day 1 (which I restarted), I lost 9.5 lbs, without starving myself.

Because I lost more than my target (5 lbs), I decided I can proceed now with Phase 2.


Day 1: Start weight is just a mere 10.5 lbs away. If I will lose weight 1 lb/day, then that means I can proceed with Phase 2 in less than two weeks.

BF on Phase 2 Day 1: 2-egg omelet with caramelized onions and tomatoes, served with chopped tomatoes flvaored with patis, green onion and crushed fresh ginger root. Had a cup of milk with this.

Lunch: Leftover ginisang pechay, this time with added raw toge, 1 bowl.

Supper: I CHEATED! Ate a lot of BBQ chicken thighs, ginataang langka with pork. Had a small piece (promise!) about the equivalent of 1 tbsp of yema cake (just to taste, really!), then later on had 2 fork stabs (equivalent to about 1 tbsp also) of turtle pecan caramel cake (?).  No cravings, really. I hope Candida will not come back with a vengeance.

Midnight snack (not really hungry): Drank raw milk in the hopes that it will help me sleep better tonight.

Maybe if my weight is worse tomorrow, I will get back on Phase 1 and do 3 days, then on to Phase 2....I will wait and see....


6/28/2012 - I am counting today as Day 1 oh Phase 2 again because i cheated yesterday. I weighed myself today and I gained back 4 lbs. Whether yesterday's weight was incorrect or I misread it, or I really regained that much, I am not sure. If I misread it (because 129.8 looked like 125.8 on my weighing scale. I read it as 125.8 yesterday. I was so excited. I should have re-weighed myself to make sure of its accuracy.) and it was actually 129.8 yesterday, then that came closer to my expected 1 lb loss, so that my cheating yesterday did not result to any change in my weight as taken this morning, making it about 5 lbs lost during the Phase 1.

Starting Weight for Phase 2: 129.8 lbs  Target: 115 lbs

Phase 2 have more nutrients now, so I might have a slower weight loss. Hopefully the Candida is in total check.

I took Unisom last night to help ensure that I get good quality sleep. I slept for more than 8 hrs for the first time since I started this diet (thank God!), but I woke up with severe cramps on my lower legs. I had to ask hubby to massage them to disperse the lactic acid.  I don't know why it happened (it usually is a sign of hypocalcemia) when I started drinking raw milk again yesterday.

BF: Same 2-egg omelet with caramelized onions plus a side of diced tomato, spring onions flavored with patis and crushed ginger. 2 cups of milk.

Lunch: I waited for supper with family, so this is my "lunch" at 430 pm: buter fried haddock with a mountain of spinach leaves, topped with tomato salsa (made of diced tomatoes, spring onions, ginger and patis).

Supper (at work @ 10pm): Zucchini Spaghetti with chicken breasts, topped with alfalfa sprouts.

Had a snack of low-fat cheese sticks (2) at 430 am.

Went home and slept.



Woke up and weighed 129.6. Maybe I should lessen my dairy. Or have milk by itself as snack.

Brunch (actually supper for my family; can't help it. Working nights screws up my schedule.): Sauteed shrimps on a bed of raw spinach and tomato salad (like yesterday). Broiled scallops. (will serve pan-fried scallops to hubby).

Supper (at work): My co-workers and i had an arrangement to bring something for food. So I had a shrimp and bacon chowder (I removed all potatoes, but could not do the same with the sweet corn) courtesy of one RN, and a small slice of toutiere pie (that, I cannot remove the potatoes from, but I did avoid the crust). Later on, as snack, I had a small piece of leche flan (my contribution) equivalent to about 3 tbsp plus the syrup. :(

I probably will need to get back to P1.

Got back home.  Had a BF(?) of 1 jar burong mangga, a few pieces of shrimps and scallops.

slept from 9am to 1pm(screwed up schedule...)

Wt: 130.8 (gained a pound from just that little amount of carb!)

Lunch(?): Had 1 cup of naturally-cultured whole milk.
(By naturally cultured, I let 1 pint of raw milk sit on the countertop with cover for more than 12 hours at room temp. I started it yesterday before I left for work, then I placed it back in the fridge in the morning. When I woke up, I drank it and it was even creamier than uncultured. The beauty of naturally culturing it is that, it gives the enzymes and the probiotics start breaking the lactose down, sort of pre-digesting, and of course, the probiotics multiply. It's like having yogurt.)

Supper:  There I go again...cheated with a slice of bread with butter -- a no-no! Never combine carb with fat.
Then I had chicken bbq, grilled fish haddock, ensalada (kamatis, patis-mansi, burong mangga, spring onions).

Took a 2-mile walk with hubby.

Problem was, hubby wanted to have some ice cream afterwards, and none of the boys (who had started watching Hellboy) wanted to come with him, so I went with him.

And I had an icre cream. Strawberry shortcake...but I ate mostly strawberries and cream. I chucked most of the ice cream into the pig food bucket.

And as I promised to hubby, I made whoopie pies tonight. My son helped me, and handed me one finished product. He will be going back to UB tomorrow and will be gone again for another week. So I felt obliged to eat that whoopie pie. Then I had another cup of raw naturally fermented (>12 hrs) raw milk.

Oh well, I might as well start again on Phase 1. Too much cheating now. At least, I won't have caffeine withdrawal symptoms this time.

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