Sunday, July 29, 2012

4-Day Food Log

just a review...Weight on 7/25 was 127.2 but I had coffee with sugar, and mozarella sticks with flour batter coating.

7/26: Weight was 127.6 (I gained!)
BF: 2 egg-omelet, liempo pieces, tomato salad, 3 sips Kefir milk
L: Beef broth with some meat
S: pork adobo and hard-boiled eggs (in a hurry to get to work)

7/27: Weight was 126.6 lbs (yehey!)
BF: Beef broth + some meat and cabbage; 1 sip kefir milk
L: 3 pcs adobo (had no veggies; I was lazy and did not feel like making a plate of food. I just picked on the leftover adobo)
Snack: 1 small popcorn and 1 small pepsi (a no-no! But we watched Batman...)
S: (McDo; would have been a big no-no because the meat sucks and dressings have high carb) - had Sweet Sesame Ginger Salad with grilled chicken

7/28: Weight was 127 lb (blame the popcorn and pepsi!)
BF: Pork Liver steaks
Snack (during noon time): soft serve ice cream (I just had to make hubby happy)
L: Liver steaks again!
S: (I cooked!) Grilled chicken; pork adobo; salad greens with yogurt dressing.

7/29: Weight was 126.6 (yehey again! lost despite the ice cream)
BF: 2 eggs + tomato-chive salad
L: 2 pcs sausage, some scrambled eggs; salted egg+tomatoes; iceberg salad with yogurt dressing; Kefir milk
S:  Pork Tocino (homemade; had maple syrup and brown sugar, though); stir-fried green beans with caramelized onions
Snack: 1 cup Kefir with 1 tsp honey (a no-no for honey); sugar snap beans; and another no-no -- 1 scoop coffee ice cream on sugar cone (expect weight gain tomorrow)

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