Monday, July 16, 2012

I think it will be easier for me to stick to Phase 2 sort of

Rule of Phase 1: No carbs, no sugar,  no caffeeine, no breads, no milk, no vinegar (like in my pickles). Can only have unlimited good fat (animal fat, olive oil, butter, coconut oil, palm oil), meat, lots of veggies except mushroom and potatoes).  Can have brown rice 50 g per day with or without fat meal.

Goal of Phase 1: Candida die-off

Expected Results: Withdrawal symptoms, major cravings

Unavoidable Results: Weight Loss

Starting Weight: 131.0        Weight today: 128.6 lbs     Weight yesterday:  129.0

Weight Lost: 0.4 lbs  Weight Gained: 0 lb     Net Loss: 2.4 lbs     Net Gain: 0 

I was expecting to gain weight due to what I ate yesterday (the no-nos). But I lost weight and I definitely felt less fat on my belly compared to yesterday.  Maybe the effect of my food intake yesterday will be felt tomorrow.

But looking back to how much I weighed just before I really started the Harcombe Diet...I remember weighing 138+ lbs that got me panicky...That was about 1 week before I considered this diet, before I read the reviews on amazon.  I panicked because just days prior to that I weighed 137, and prior I was 135...days before...imagine....gaining more and more each day. I panicked that within two days I would hit 140 lbs.  I was not ready to give up eating and give up nutrition. As it turns out with this diet, I did not have to. I just have to know what nutrients to take in more of.  And manipulate their effects on my weight gain/loss by proper combination.

When did I actually start this diet? It was July 27th when I started limiting my carbs and caffeine to a few tsp of sugar in 1 cup of coffee and 1 soda a day and 1 slice of homemade bread...and in those little changes I lost 2 pounds already. I took the full plunge on July 29th, eating more of fat+protein and eliminating sugar and caffeine totally. I lost an average of 1 pound per day without getting hungry, eating 3 full meals a day, except on that day I had a tummy ache (July 29th) which lasted 1.5 days, so I only had beef broth with meat. My typical meal was fatty meat or eggs with veggies.

2 eggs, sunny side-up fried in bacon fat
1/2 cup yoghurt sprinkled with salt

Realizing that my plain yoghurt is so tangy it could qualify as a dressing instead of having vinegar, I searched for recipes using yoghurt for dressing. I think I will try this Lemon Yoghurt Dressing. I have all ingredients available. Will use this for salad dressing for a change. Maybe my family will like it too. It will be nice to have this creamy dressing without using any carb thickeners.

I was not hungry, but that last strawberry-banana muffin was calling my attention...I thought, it would qualify as low-carb I ate it at around 2pm.

I felt that I had to make a special meal. So I bought two salmon bellies and marinated these in yogurt-lemon-herbs homemade type of dressing (much like marinating in vinegar). Grilled this on a cedar plank. Served with salad greens with cukes and sunflower seeds. I used a yogurt-lemon dressing.

Then I did a most disgusting thing: I sipped about 1/3 cup of the saccharinely sweet strawberry milkshake that my sons made (I had to dilute with whole milk to lessen the sweetness). I could not really drink much of it. It's a no-no anyway. Cheat again!

1 hard-boiled egg

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