Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Still trying to stick to phase 1 or 2 but...

Starting Weight: 131.0        Weight today: 127.5 lbs     Weight yesterday:  129

Weight Lost: 1.5 lbs  Weight Gained: 1.5 lb     Net Loss: 3.5 lbs     Net Gain: 0 

I slept kinda restless towards the latter half. I kept pinching my belly thinking I probably overate too much when I had supper at work and a BIG portion of salmon with my salad greens. I knew I ate way more past my satiety point. But by the time I actually woke up and got up, I felt my belly smaller again. Maybe I was dreaming about it being big again. And I was pleasantly surprised to see my weight. I even double check just to make sure it was not being inaccurate.

Breakfast (which was actually our family's supper at 430pm before I went to work):
While I served BLT minus the T to my son and hubby, I myself ate leftover zucchini spaghetti with leftover butter-fried chicken (unfortunately this was chicken coated with flour that I prepped for my son and hubby yesterday).  I was hoping the flour was not that much anyway. However, knowing now about sugars (complex or simple) affecting insulin release affecting fat storage, I probably stored fat in that diet. I got hungry by 9pm so I ate my "lunch" at work.

Leftover salmon (this was a smaller portion than I had last night) over salad greens (I probably was able to eat 4 cups of greens) topped with yogurt dressing. That dressing seemed tastier!

Snack (or supper?):
Now this is where I cheated again. My co-worker was eating PBJ and I just got tempted to prepare one for myself as well. I tried to limit my jam to 1 tbsp, but I know the PB was a no-no for Phase 1 or 2 of Harcombe diet. Anyway, I thought, consider this as cheating then go back to Phase 1.  I figure if I limit my cheats to once every 3 days or every week and try to stick to a phase 1 diet the rest of the time, I probably should still lose some weight. I also had coffee to which I added 2 tsp of coconut crystal, which surprisingly tasted very sweet to me. I probably have heightened my sweet taste sensation due to elimination of sweet foods in my diet. I also added just 1 tsp of cream.  This snack is going to put my insulin to work and will most likely cause fat storage. I will not be surprised to find myself heavier next weighing.

N.B. I am typing this while at work, and I am trying not to finish the whole cup of coffee.  I am wide awake now...

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